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Google Shopping is all about promoting your products and providing the best possible e-commerce experience in order to achieve maximum profit

Just check how different the Google Shopping product listing looks vs. your standard AdWords ads; 


Care to guess which ad does better?   

If you have an e-commerce business, you need to be serious about Google Shopping as it is currently an extremely profitable advertising solution.

Here’s how we can grow your business with Google Shopping:

AdWords Campaign Setup & Management

Your campaigns will be setup and managed by a Google Specialist using advanced settings, strategies and best practices. 

Data Driven Growth Strategy

You'll frequently receive data-driven recommendations that will grow  your return on investment from digital marketing.

Ongoing Competitor Research

Competitors will be monitored to ensure you are one step ahead in terms of product ad, keyword targeting and user experience.

Technical Support & Monthly Reporting

You'll have access to AdWords technical support and monthly reports providing analytics data and new campaign improvements.

I'll also be providing you with

 Merchant Centre Setup

Competitor Analysis

 Product Recommendations

 Product Feed Optimization

Keyword Optimization

  Negative Keywords

 Robust Campaign Structure

Advanced Bidding Strategies

 Quality Score Improvement

 Website Recommendations

 Budget Recommendations

 Monthly Report & Catch up

Together, we will

place your products in front of the most relevant search traffic, 

growing your sales & reducing wasted advertising spend.


“Adam excelled greatly at his job and was a true asset to Kook. He’s intelligent and diligent, and made a positive impact on our digital marketing services. I would wholeheartedly recommend Adam in any related position.”

Jamie Schachter

Digital Marketing Manager at Kook

“Adam is evidently a leader of PPC marketing, and he consistently delivers results in this area. He has established strong relationships with all of our staff and clients. I am confident that engaging his services would make a positive addition to any business.”

Shawn O'Hara

Senior Account Manager at Zyber

“I have worked closely with Adam for a number of years in the digital marketing space, and can’t speak highly enough of his knowledge in this area. If you are looking for a partner who understands the industry and where it’s going, Adam is definitely your guy.”

Karl Tercel

Co-Founder at Crave Digital

Google Shopping Advantages

Google Shopping gives your retail business an edge. 

Product Listing Ads allow for more information to reach your customer: 

  • Enticing Product picture
  • Promotional text
  • Product info
  • Pricing

That’s why whoever clicks on your ad is far more likely to purchase, and they don’t even have to go to your website. A ‘Quick Buy’ process is available via the ad itself.

Google Shopping is 100% focused on maximizing your sales and that’s exactly what you get. 

It can also cost significantly less than your standard AdWords campaign, so what’s the catch? 

Mastering the complex settings

Google Shopping is notoriously difficult to setup for people who haven’t had any previous experience. The process includes:  

  • Setting up a Merchant Center Account with Products Description Feed
  • Connecting Merchant Center account to Your Google AdWords Account
  • Optimizing Campaign via Merchant Center Product Feed and the AdWords interface
  • Implementing Plugins & Tools to Gather and Analyze Your Sales Data 

Google shopping uses a set of interconnected levels of information. And it takes a specialist to know how changes in each level will influence the campaign outcome as a whole. 

If you don’t plan on making Google Shopping your full-time job, hiring a specialist is the way to go.

Why choose me over a digital agency?

Many agencies use template marketing and cookie cutter campaigns which are bad for business. 

To stand out from other retailers who offer similar products, we need to give you an advertising edge based on a deep knowledge of your industry, your company, and your competitors. 

I take the time to research the market and devise a perfect and highly customized strategy for your business. 

I am also a Certified Google Shopping Specialist with a 5+ years hands on experience in setting up, managing and analyzing eCommerce campaigns for different retail niches.

Together we can dominate your competitors and skyrocket your sales.