Hypertargeted Advertising

Attract Your Ideal Customers with a Goldmine of Facebook Data FREE 30 MINUTE STRATEGY SESSION

How about low hanging fruit for a change?

Maximum revenue for a minimal advertising cost with less competition

It might seem unbelievable but that’s how it is right now. 

Many companies still see Facebook a social hub instead of a serious advertising machine.

Which leaves more for the taking. 

Be one of the early birds to seize this immense opportunity for your business. 

Here’s how we can grow your business with Facebook Advertising:

Facebook Campaign Setup & Management

Your campaigns will be setup and managed using advanced targeting settings, strategies and best practices. 

Data Driven Growth Strategy

You’ll frequently receive data-driven recommendations that will grow  your return on investment from digital marketing.

Ongoing Competitor Research

Competitors will be monitored to ensure you are one step ahead in terms of ad messaging, keyword targeting and user experience.

Technical Support & Monthly Reporting

You’ll have access to Facebook Ad technical support and monthly reports providing analytics data and new campaign improvements.

I’ll also provide you with:

 Strategic Funnels & Retargeting

Competitor Analysis

 Budget Recommendations

 In-depth Facebook Ads Audit

 Advanced Targeting

 A/B Split Testing

 Campaign Setup & Management

 Ad Copywriting

  Monthly Reporting & Catch-up

“Adam excelled greatly at his job and was a true asset to Kook. He’s intelligent and diligent, and made a positive impact on our digital marketing services. I would wholeheartedly recommend Adam in any related position.”

Jamie Schachter

Digital Marketing Manager at Kook

“Adam is evidently a leader of PPC marketing, and he consistently delivers results in this area. He has established strong relationships with all of our staff and clients. I am confident that engaging his services would make a positive addition to any business.”

Shawn O'Hara

Senior Account Manager at Zyber

“I have worked closely with Adam for a number of years in the digital marketing space, and can’t speak highly enough of his knowledge in this area. If you are looking for a partner who understands the industry and where it’s going, Adam is definitely your guy.”

Karl Tercel

Co-Founder at Crave Digital

Facebook Targeting is a Goldmine 

Today Facebook isn’t simply a social hub place where your business can interact with your customers. 

Facebook & Instagram are quickly emerging as an incredibly powerful marketing machine. 

Yes, Google proposes sophisticated targeting tools, but it can’t compete with Facebook’s avalanche of personal information based on what people share and how they interact with websites, pages, posts & ads.  

Targeting with Facebook includes not only location, device, age, gender, education, financial, marital & parental statuses, but also preferences, likes, hobbies & interests.

All that information can be extrapolated into an incredibly accurate & personal profile to help you present your product to your ideal customer without them even searching for you. 


The Results Are Stunning

With relatively low competition and detailed targeting tools, the results are stunning.

We’re talking campaigns with over 1000% ROI

Or at least, that’s what the results can be if you use advanced settings & targeting to your advantage. 

Effective campaign management also helps to make your offers & ads more relevant and enticing to your customers. 

But there is another angle to the Facebook success story.

People feel safer on Facebook & Instagram where they interact with their friends & family. Your ads appear less threatening and they come with the extended ‘social proof’ that Facebook offers.  

This ‘Facebook effect’ probably won’t last forever as audience adapts to filter out a new type of advertising. But until then, it’s yet another reason to jump in and use it while you can.

Why Hire an Expert? 


Although Facebook & Instagram campaigns seem easy to set up, the real ROI lies with professional optimization and testing. 

What an expert can do to increase your Return on Investment from Facebook:  

– Use advanced targeting & settings

– Build segmented audiences 

– Use lookalike audiences (utilize the client list you have to find similar potential clients on Facebook) 

– Perform A/B testing on variants of ads, landing pages, campaigns & strategies

– Analyse data & think up new ways to engage the audience

– Matching campaign strategy to your business goals

If you’d like to see case studies or speak with my existing clients, contact me here

Why Choose Me Over a Digital Agency? 


I care to get to know your business and create a thorough inbound marketing strategy that works for your specific circumstances. 

If Facebook Advertising is not the optimal choice for you at the current stage of your business, I will let you know. Your wins are my wins. 

I have vast experience across many digital marketing platforms and business niches, so you can expect a complete marketing strategy that will bring new leads & maximize profit.

Together we will boost your results across multiple marketing platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping & Google AdWords. 

Chat with me to start developing a strategy that will offer you results