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Google AdWords

Google AdWords allows you to tap directly into the market of people who are actively searching for your product or service.

You won’t find hotter leads than that!

Google AdWords can be notoriously difficult to setup and even more complicated to maintain.  In order to ensure maximum campaign effectiveness, consider a professionally setup and managed campaign.  

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Google Shopping

Google Shopping has the ability to completely transform your eCommerce business.

Well tailored ads presented to the right audience at the right time, will skyrocket your sales. However, e-Commerce is extremely competitive and forever changing. It’s far too easy to be taken out of business if you aren’t a step ahead of your competitors. 

You’ll need an experienced Google Shopping Specialist to ensure the best possible Return on Investment (ROI).

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Google Display Network & Remarketing

Whether it’s targeting an entirely new audience, or showing your ads to people who have already visited your website, Google Display Network and remarketing allows you to drive traffic and enquiries at a significantly lower cost than traditional AdWords campaigns.

I’m on hand to assist with banner creativedisplay and remarketing set-up.

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Facebook Advertising

Many companies still view Facebook as a social hub instead of a serious advertising machine.

Targeting with Facebook includes not only location, device, age, gender, education, financial, marital & parental statuses, but also preferences, likes, hobbies & interests.

All that information can be extrapolated into an incredibly accurate & personal profile to help you present your product/service to your ideal customer without them having to search for it. 

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Together, we will

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growing your sales & reducing wasted advertising spend.

“Adam excelled greatly at his job and was a true asset to Kook. He’s intelligent and diligent, and made a positive impact on our digital marketing services. I would wholeheartedly recommend Adam in any related position.”

Jamie Schachter

Digital Marketing Manager at Kook

“Adam is evidently a leader of PPC marketing, and he consistently delivers results in this area. He has established strong relationships with all of our staff and clients. I am confident that engaging his services would make a positive addition to any business.”

Shawn O'Hara

Senior Account Manager at Zyber

“I have worked closely with Adam for a number of years in the digital marketing space, and can’t speak highly enough of his knowledge in this area. If you are looking for a partner who understands the industry and where it’s going, Adam is definitely your guy.”

Karl Tercel

Co-Founder at Crave Digital

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